Practice Justice

Through mutual relationships with the neighbors among whom they’re hosted, Christian communities need to join in acts of compassion, justice, and reconciliation as a witness to the ministry of Jesus—particularly in places of suffering and despair.

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Love at the Margins

Love at the Margins

God’s invitation to truly see the people around us
Bonhoeffer’s Challenge

Bonhoeffer’s Challenge

Three ways we’re called to deepen discipleship in an age of division

Living into the Kingdom of Shalom

Committing to the way of justice and love

Signposts on the Road to Survival

Navigating changing terrain in the climate crisis

The Urgency of Loving Others

Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ideas of personhood matter today

Resilience as Imagination

When life knocks us down, imagination can help us get back up.

Questioning Our Ethics

Leaning into lament, while scrutinizing our stances.

All The Whosoevers

Are we ready to welcome everyone who enters our churches?
Guide for the Perplexed: Writing a letter to the editor

How Faithful People Write Letters to the Editor 

Speak publicly without being partisan

BE:the Church

You can't be unchurched or overchurched, when YOU'RE the church
First Lutheran Church, Clarion, Iowa

Rural Innovation Looks Like

Connecting, Cooperating, and Collaborating
question mark magnet on pink background

A Curious Stance Towards Traditions

Re-considering why the congregation does what we do
Bishop Curry at the Festival of Homiletics, 2023

Bishop Curry’s “We Shall Overcome” Sermon

Preaching hope at the Festival of Homiletics

Trauma in the Biblical Text

Reading Genesis with a focus on trauma and gender

The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Us

Advocacy is about caring about the world around us

Connecting Race, Faith, and Mental Health

How BIPOC members of Gen Z combine these identities
woman staring into the wilderness

Hunger, Advocacy, and Lent

What will lead you into the “heart work” of this season?
The Cycle-Breaking Creativity of Forgiveness

The Cycle-Breaking Creativity of Forgiveness

Letting go of certainty for love's sake

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