Leading in an Age of Contempt

Foster empathy and constructive conversation during times of discord



Thursday, March 21

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It’s tough being a Christian leader in today’s noisy and polarized world. While social media and the news flood those around you with messages of desperation, political division, and scorn toward “the other side,” you are called to guide your congregation through these turbulent waters. So how can you lead them into mutual understanding and clarity? How can we instill and maintain attitudes of hope and empathy powerful enough to mend the rifts in our communities?

Join "Leading in an Age of Contempt" to explore a faithful approach to Christian leadership in the midst of modern societal division. This workshop offers a deep dive into scriptural wisdom and practical tools that will empower you to lead with compassion and resilience, sowing peace in a world marked by conflict and contempt. Come and learn how you can be a part of the holy healing process.

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"Participants learn and engage in practices that enable hospitality, honesty, and hope in whatever community they are sustaining – family/home, church/denomination, civic/social."
An upward perspective reveals a walkway between benches within a contemporary church, culminating at a concrete wall adorned with a carved cross.

In Leading in an Age of Contempt, you'll experience hands-on training and practical wisdom that includes:

  • A fresh, scriptural perspective on our current societal challenges and the constant conflict of the human world.
  • An exploration of the why behind the wide variation of worldviews and perceptions within our communities.
  • A call to the personal courage that is so necessary for leaders choosing to lean into the fray and foster empathy and communication.
  • Biblical strategies to mend the fractures in your community caused by unhealthy social media and news consumption.
  • Ways to engage your congregational challenges of political division and distrust, as well as institutional failures to address despair and depression.

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Join for just $45.

  • Event Details: March 21st, 2024 from 11:00 a.m—12:30 p.m. Central Time (The recording will be made available to all registrants)
  • Live Learning: Be informed and encouraged alongside other faith leaders pursuing empathetic, respectful communication in their communities.
  • A Practical, Holistic Approach: Explore biblical insights and practical tools for leading in the midst of division, guided by the warmth and wisdom of Joy Moore.
  • Renewed Courage and Communication: This workshop invites you to lead beyond the natural instinct of self-preservation, fostering collaboration and repairing communication in communities fractured by political and social disagreements.
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Meet Your Instructor

  • Joy Moore

    Joy J. Moore, is serving as Visiting Professor of Religion at Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama. An “Ecclesial Storyteller” Dr. Joy seeks to encourage theologically framed, biblically attentive, and socially compelling interpretations of Christian Scripture to understand contemporary community formation (all that means is she tells community-forming stories from the Bible as a follower of Christ!). An ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, she served as president of the Wesleyan Theological Society from 2020 to 2022. Currently she is working with the Dialogue on Race and Faith Project, developing resources for preaching in an age of contempt. And yes, she is still fascinated by the Marvel Universe!