4.37: The Mixed Ecology in Christian History with Jennie Wojciechowski

Pivot co-hosts Terri Elton and Dwight Zscheile talk with Jennie Wojciechowski

Join Dwight and Terri on their latest podcast episode with Jennie Wojciechowski, a Roman Catholic church historian and adult convert to Christianity, as they uncover the untold stories of Christian history.

Discover how lay movements have faced challenges throughout history and gain practical advice from Jennie’s recent book on women’s movements. Her insights will inspire and empower you to become a better leader in your church community.


Jennifer Hornyak Wojciechowski

Jennie Wojciechowski

Jennifer Hornyak Wojciechowski is assistant professor of church history, and she has been teaching at Luther since 2019. Prior to this, she taught in the religion department at Augsburg University.

Wojciechowski graduated summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota (2005), received her Master of Arts at Bethel Seminary (2011) and her Ph.D. from Luther Seminary (2019).

She is author of the book “Women and the Christian Story: A Global History” (Fortress, 2022) and numerous articles in publications including Word & World and Minnesota History. Her research focuses on women’s history, American history, and the intersection of religion and social reform.

She is the associate editor of the journal Word & World.

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