5.65: Exploring Pastoral Leadership Models: Micro Church

Discover a revolutionary ministry model with collaborative leadership in microchurches.

Looking to engage your neighbors in a new way? Exhausted and overwhelmed leading your church alone? In this episode, we’ll look at a new ministry model and how micro churches might be perfect for you and your church.

Are you wondering how to engage collaborative leadership instead of leading solo? A lot of clergy we talk to know that leading a church by themselves is unsustainable but they aren’t sure what it might look like to lead differently. Here’s a case study of a thriving congregation that relies almost exclusively on lay leaders who are supported by clergy. If you aren’t sure you want to join the micro church movement, then you’ll want to watch this episode to learn how clergy can equip bivocational ministry leaders to start new ministries.

Burned out and Overwhelmed? Why this is more normal than you think: https://youtu.be/F_NuWL_xQg0

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Sean Steele

The Rev. Sean Steele is an ordained Episcopal priest, church entrepreneur and traditioned innovator.  Currently, he is Vicar of St. Isidore Episcopal Church in Spring Texas.  St. Isidore is a complex organization comprised of 11 different Christian missional communities, The Warrior Church Gym, The Abundant Harvest, which served over 110,000 families in 2023 with over 1.2 million lbs of food, and The Abundant Harvest Kitchen and Bistro which operates a Bistro, Catering Company and Food Truck.   

He received an MA in Theology from Creighton University, an MDiv from Seminary of the Southwest, and is a fully trained mediator, Licensed Daring Way Facilitator, and ICF Coach. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry in Wonder at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. 

Meet Your Hosts

  • Terri Elton

    Terri is a teacher who loves Jesus and God’s world. She currently is a Professor of Leadership and Dean of Academic Affairs at Luther Seminary, but has also served in congregations and non-profit settings. In her free time, Terri loves to bike and explore nature. She, along with her husband Eric, believes the world is interesting and together they travel to different cultures and places as often as they can.

  • Alicia Granholm

    Alicia Granholm is senior director of Faith+Lead and a leadership and church consultant based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. She helps pastors and leaders engage culture to make a lasting impact. For nearly two decades, she has trained, equipped, and empowered followers of Jesus to engage their local communities by contextualizing the Gospel and its application. Alicia compassionately crosses cultural boundaries having lived, studied, traveled, and served in 25 countries on six continents. Alicia has a Doctor of Strategic Leadership, Global Consulting (Regent University), MDiv (Bethel Seminary), and MA in Teaching (University of St. Thomas).

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