5.70: Easter Is Coming: Resurrection Hope for Church Leaders

Discover hope in Jesus' resurrection. Overcome fear and uncertainty with Pastor Nicole Bullock's encouraging words.

Jesus’ resurrection changes everything. Facing uncertainty? Feeling ashamed? Disappointed with how things are going? You are not alone. Jesus’ disciples felt the same way until they witnessed the resurrection; with it, their hope was restored.

Everything Jesus said about himself is true. In this episode, listen to a word of encouragement from Pastor Nicole Bullock and be unafraid, for we have a Savior we can trust to keep his word. Death has not won; fear will not overwhelm us.

Looking for Easter inspiration? Watch “Easter Is Coming” from Working Preacher at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c2inXKD6PI and share it with your faith community. This 2010 video is Working Preacher’s most-watched YouTube video of all time!

Show Notes:


Nicole Bullock Headshot

Nicole Bullock

Nicole Bullock is lead pastor, along with her husband, Geoff, of Blue Oak Church based in the Twin Cities.

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