Learning from the Lab: Carrying Successes Forward

Celebrating accomplishments from this past year

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We know that:

  1. Church leaders need opportunities to be congratulated on their successes, and
  2. We can learn from and build upon projects that turned out well in upcoming seasons.

So, we asked Learning Lab participants to share what they were proud of themselves or their congregations for doing during the Advent or Christmas seasons.

Here is some of what we heard!

We are proud of:

  • making virtual opportunities a priority
  • all the congregations that figured out how to support local communities with their donations and giveaways
  • collaboration with other congregations and community non-profits on outdoor events and online devotions
  • how worshipers embraced “walking worship” services, at a time of year when we are very attached to long-held traditions
  • re-using virtual special music throughout the season as well as for the big cantata opportunity
  • decorating the sanctuary with filming in mind and an opportunity for pre-registered pods to spend time in the sanctuary with all safety protocols observed and appreciated
  • assembling gift bags of meaningful seasonal items for every household
  • pods caroling outside of elders’ homes
  • inviting members to pick up cards from the church to send to homebound members
  • parking lot worship with FM transmitters
  • video children’s pageants with no stage fright and relatives from all over watching
  • personal contact and devotions with those who do not have access to online worship 

Your Turn

As we look ahead to Lent and Easter, which of these ideas or your own from Advent or Christmas will you be adapting? Join the conversation in the Learning Lab

  • Lee Ann Pomrenke

    Lee Ann M. Pomrenke is an ELCA pastor and digital content editor for The Faith+Leader. Rev. Pomrenke is the author of Embodied: Clergy Women and the Solidarity of a Mothering God (Church Publishing, Inc, 2020). She also blogs at leeannpomrenke.com.

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