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How we eat shows who we are

Ever since Jesus multiplied one child’s lunch to feed a crowd of thousands, and gathered his disciples around a meal on the eve of his death, food has been integral to the way of Jesus. Yet there are many layers to our relationship with food and how we approach it through the lens of faith. Eating together creates space to share our lives and find what we have in common. The ways we invite or “set the table” for others can foster belonging or exclusion. From food in the Bible to farming to food trucks to advocacy to allergies, this month on The Faith+Leader will provide reflections, practices, resources, models for ministry and “food for thought” for followers of Jesus in many different contexts.

Join us live for the Book Hub “Setting the Table for Community” on Thursday, November 10, 2022, 1-2 pm Central, with Elizabeth Magill, Melanie Heuiser Hill and Anna Marsh.

The Gospel of Matthew: Life in the Way of God

Experience the life and teachings of Jesus through art, reflection, and application


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