A Visitor’s Guide to Lutheran-isms 

Insider vocabulary can, if we are not careful, obscure the very gospel we are trying to communicate.

What Are They Saying (and Not Saying) about Vocation?

Are we “uniquely wired” by God?

The Urgency of Loving Others

Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ideas of personhood matter today

Resilience as Imagination

When life knocks us down, imagination can help us get back up.

Questioning Our Ethics

Leaning into lament, while scrutinizing our stances.

How Can You Be Confident that You Are Accepted and Loved by God?

The doctrine of assurance in Luther and Calvin

A New Ministry out of the Rubble

Always reforming means always deconstructing

Healthy But Not Well

On vocation and what it means to be well

The Greatest Shot in Television

The curious world we inhabit is more wonderful than convenient

Bread from Ravens, Bread from Heaven

The often surprising means of God’s provision

Paul, an Apostle, by the Will of God

We all ache for an assurance stronger than our dim reflection

You Can’t Create Curiosity

Why moralistic exhortation won't end in delighted exploration or spiritual revelation

God Abides in Himself as Nothing

The mystery of humility in Numbers 11 and Philippians 2

We Are God’s Chosen Family

Despite God’s incarnational delight of dwelling in a family unit, God never promises that families will live without strife and hardship.

You Can’t Outrun the Relentless Grace of God

The serious theology at the heart of Jonah’s humor.
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School for Lay Ministry Popup. Upcoming Live Learning Community

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