Faith & Non-Creepy Evangelism

Sharing the gospel without making people’s skin crawl
young girl telling a story to her friends

The very idea of engaging in evangelism can raise feelings among the faithful: embarrassment, wariness, confusion, or perhaps imposter syndrome. Sometimes our response is to soften the edges of what evangelism is or does: Can advertising in the local newspaper or hosting a movie night come out of the “evangelism” budget line item? Yet “Telling the Story” is a core practice of the Christian faith, with the power to change the lives of both speakers and listeners. This month’s theme will explore practices, tell stories, and workshop some ground rules for “non-creepy evangelism,” by which we mean:

  • Sharing grace, hope, and forgiveness in the community by meeting people where they are (physically and spiritually)
  • Expressing our own faith stories with confidence in ways that point to Jesus
  • Addressing harmful teachings from the past and how our faith has changed
  • Asking questions (and not knowing the answers) as a core commitment

Just us for the Book Hub “How Do We Talk about God Now: Evangelism in a Secular, Digital Age” with authors Andrew Root and Ryan Panzer on Wednesday, October 12th, 1-2pm

And/or the Learning Lab Office Hour on Thursday, October 20th. 

Telling the Story: A crash course in digital marketing for churches

Your Church Has a Story. Are You Telling It Well?
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Faith+Lead - Luther Seminary

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