Tell the Story

All Christians need to be equipped to tell the story of Jesus and invite others into Jesus’ way of life and love in words secular neighbors can recognize.

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Preaching to Know-it-alls and Picky Eaters

Preaching to Know-it-alls and Picky Eaters

Being genuine communicates volumes
Discipleship and Story

Discipleship and Story

The redemptive narrative of God’s love is where we connect with the reality of our faith
Want to Read the Bible, but Not Sure Where to Start?

Want to Read the Bible, but Not Sure Where to Start?

Different approaches to reading the Bible address different goals

Everything I Knew about the Transfiguration Was Wrong

Making sense of this strange story in light of pilgrimage festivals
What Does the Birth of Jesus Mean to You?

What Does the Birth of Jesus Mean to You?

Sharing faith stories is a gift.
christmas barn

Step into Christmas in the Barn

The wonder of the holy finds us in the plain, the ordinary, and the beautifully mundane
Faith After Deconstruction

Faith After Deconstruction

A visual guide
Where the Corn Grows Loud Ebook Cover

Where the Corn Grows Loud

Detail from "The (Little) Tower of Babel" by Peter Bruegel the Elder, c. 1563.

A Visitor’s Guide to Lutheran-isms 

Insider vocabulary can, if we are not careful, obscure the very gospel we are trying to communicate.

Where the Corn Grows Loud

Farming as vocation
Detail from An American Tail poster, fair use.

Animation, Faith, and Action

Going deeper into movies.

Missional Church: Evangelism as gift

Reaching out with the love of God we know in Christ Jesus

Searching for Lydia

Engaging with our spiritually curious neighbors
detail from Giovanni Girolamo Savoldo's "Elijah Fed by the Raven," c. 1510

Bread from Ravens, Bread from Heaven

The often surprising means of God’s provision
Diego Velázquez, "Saint Paul." 1619

Paul, an Apostle, by the Will of God

We all ache for an assurance stronger than our dim reflection
image by author

God Abides in Himself as Nothing

The mystery of humility in Numbers 11 and Philippians 2
photo of feet balancing on log

The Joys and Pitfalls of Being a Lay Preacher

Learning, wondering, and giving the good news

We Are God’s Chosen Family

Despite God’s incarnational delight of dwelling in a family unit, God never promises that families will live without strife and hardship.