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In the 2020 film “Kiss the Ground,” narrator Woody Harrelson addresses climate change from a different starting point: Rather than focusing on fossil-fuel consumption alone, the film shows how conventional agricultural practices degrade soil, turning soil into “dirt” that releases carbon.

With sustainable farming practices, however, soil can dramatically reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere within a matter of decades. Without soil-conserving actions, humans could destroy the world’s remaining topsoil in 60 years.

The film draws on expert voices and examples from around the globe to answer the question: If electric cars and solar panels are not enough, what is the solution to climate change? The film explores a bevy of human actions (biodynamic farming, no-till techniques, composting food waste, regenerative diet) that restore degraded lands and reduce harmful impacts, which in turn could buy time for biodiversity and the earth’s self-healing systems to take root.The film is available to watch on Netflix (or Vimeo for $1 rental) and a 45-minute version is available for educators to share for free. Watch the trailer at https://kissthegroundmovie.com/

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