What Virtual Worship Is Feeding Your Spirit? (Learning from the Lab)

Nourish your soul with these recommendations
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Online services, events, and videos offer faith leaders a gift of spiritual nourishment. With the abundance of resources available, we asked people in the Faith+Lead Learning Lab for recommendations. Here are some highlights to dive into.

Learning – Reading More Barth Together

A minister told us about a three-part series from Will Willimon and Stanley Hauerwas called “Reading More Barth Together”. The first part is found here on Willimon’s blog.

Listening – The Many 

Several people have been listening to The Many, a music collective offering weekly music of lament. These live events are hosted on Facebook and YouTube on Wednesdays at 8 PM CT. 

Embracing Justice – Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man

A lead pastor let us know about Emmanuel Acho’s series on YouTube, “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man”. Acho provides education and information on racism, social injustice, and related topics. 

Reaching Out – Sermon Sharing

 One pastor shared that she reached out to other preachers and asked them to send her their most powerful, Scripture-soaked sermons. Being able to go in and read these sermons when she most needed them made a difference.

Praying – Virtually Together

We heard about online prayer and worship services that were impacting people’s daily lives. One congregation is offering a “Pray as You Go” weekly spiritual event over Zoom. This is a short service of music, Scripture, and prayer. Another person recommends Morning and Evening Prayer from Canterbury Cathedral, which includes bonus drop-in visits from a delightful cat. 

What is God Using in Your Life?

Let us know what is feeding your soul right now. Join us in the Faith+Lead Learning Lab.

Bias and Burnout

Understanding, Exploring, & Managing Bias and Burnout
Emily McQuillan

Emily McQuillan

Rev. Emily McQuillan (she/they) is an ELCA pastor and clergy coach who has served in rural and suburban settings. Emily works for Luther Seminary’s Faith+Lead as a web and content specialist and loves supporting the wider Christian community. Emily previously taught college writing courses both online, in-person, and in a hybrid setting. Since 2008, Emily has been creating workshops, trainings, and leading retreats.

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