5.51: Q&A Response Session #1

In this episode, co-hosts Dee Stokes and Dwight Zscheile answer YOUR frequently asked questions about challenges faith communities are facing.

All your questions answered in this Q&A session about recruiting volunteers, why people don’t actually invite their friends to your church, and discerning what’s next when church attendance is declining.

Questions that listeners asked include:

  • Q1: “Our congregation shrank in numbers the past three years. How do we balance reimagining our model when buildings and grounds maintenance uses a lot of time, energy and money? How do we shift the culture within the church? And what if laypeople often want clergy to be involved in everything?”
  • Q2: “I’m having a really hard time finding volunteers to support the church’s existing ministries. Why is it so hard to recruit and retain volunteers?” *
  • Q3: “Why won’t the members or congregants invite others to church?”

Tune in as we gain ideas to think differently about common challenges faith communities are facing, and practical advice on how to move forward. Stay tuned for more episodes unraveling the complexities of this cultural shift.

You’re in the right place if you’re a pastor, lay leader, or simply curious about how faith communities adapt in changing times. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Show Notes:

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Meet Your Hosts

  • Dr. Dee Stokes

    Dr. Dee Stokes is a lover of Jesus and strives to love others like Jesus does and see them as they are in the image of God. She also loves deep conversations, and Dr. Dee Stokes is an entrepreneurial minister, educator, consultant, and program builder. In each of her diverse branches of work, she aims to repurpose organizations and support influential people who change the world and live out the Gospel.

    Dr. Stokes serves as the Teaching Pastor at Christ Wesleyan Church in Greensboro, North Carolina; as the Director of Multicultural Ministry for the NC East District of The Wesleyan Church; as the President and CEO of her own non-profit ministry; and as the Director of the Seeds Project for Luther Seminary's Faith+Lead innovation team. She holds multiple degrees with focuses ranging from Educational Leadership (Ed.S. & Ed.D.) to Biblical and Theological Foundations (MBTF), and is a dedicated and devoted follower of Jesus whose deepest wish is for everyone to experience the Gospel in their lives!

  • Dwight Zscheile

    Dwight Zscheile is vice president of innovation and professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary. His latest book is Leading Faithful Innovation: Following God into a Hopeful Future (with Michael Binder and Tessa Pinkstaff, Fortress Press, 2023).