5.54: How to Listen to Your Neighbors’ Spiritual Stories

Embrace change with active listening.

Listening is the first step in discovering how we can better love our neighbors and God.

In this episode of the Pivot podcast, co-hosts Dee Stokes and Dwight Zscheile are joined by two lay ministry leaders from All Saints Episcopal in Atlanta, Ross Nicholas and Allen King. 

Join us as we explore the essential shift that churches must embrace today—a move away from the predominant focus on repairing established institutional structures. Instead, let’s pivot towards a stance characterized by curiosity, discernment, and a willingness to experiment, all rooted in the art of active listening.

Stay tuned for more episodes unraveling the complexities of this cultural shift.

You’re in the right place if you’re a pastor, lay leader, or simply curious about how faith communities adapt in changing times. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Show Notes:

  • Download the Spiritual Life Listening Tool to access a FREE collection of thoughtful, targeted questions that will increase your understanding of the spiritual needs, opportunities, and experiences of those surrounding your ministry. 
  • Watch this episode on YouTube at https://youtu.be/cn5A4PaC3_U.
  • Check out the episode blog post.

Meet Your Hosts

  • Dr. Dee Stokes

    Dr. Dee Stokes is an entrepreneurial minister, educator, consultant, author, and podcaster. With 30 years of experience in education, Dr. Stokes understands what it means to be co-vocational and serve God in the Church and in the marketplace. She has worked at every level of education and has also served as a Senior Pastor, Formation and Connections Pastor, and Teaching Pastor. She has a passion for God and His Church and to see people walk in divine destiny. Her degrees are in Sociology (BA from UNC Charlotte), Public Administration (MPA from Devry University), Biblical and Theological Foundations (MBTF from Asbury Theological Seminary), and Educational Leadership (Ed.S. & Ed.D. from Liberty University). Dr. Stokes's research interests include Cultural Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Burnout, Transformational Leadership, unconscious bias, and spousal responsibility.

  • Dwight Zscheile

    Dwight Zscheile is vice president of innovation and professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary. His latest book is Leading Faithful Innovation: Following God into a Hopeful Future (with Michael Binder and Tessa Pinkstaff, Fortress Press, 2023).

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