What Do You Need This Advent? 

What will help you engage the season spiritually?


As you begin Advent, what do you need most?

  • A practice you do not need to design or lead
  • Reminders to set aside a manageable amount of time (20 minutes) for your own connection with God each day
  • Thoughtful reflections from voices you can trust
  • A framework to guide you in expressing your own story of what Jesus means to you
  • An optional online community for those who want to process externally

Many of us follow a calendar with activities or reading each day during Advent. There are online photo challenges, and scripture reading rubrics. What will help you to engage the season spiritually, in the midst of the pressures you put on yourself or experience from others during this time? God has indeed become flesh and dwells among us. You too deserve to experience the wonder, joy and peace, dear church leader.

You are invited to begin Advent with a 5-day challenge through Faith+Lead, December 4-8th. 

Register for free at: https://lab.faithlead.org/advent/

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