Leading Change

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Change Creates Community: A Small Congregation’s Story

Small congregations willing to change and innovate can make a difference in the community where they serve.

The Upside of Having Part-Time Clergy

Hiring part-time clergy can have many tangible benefits for congregations

4.44: How to Cultivate the Mixed Ecology in a Regional Church System with Calla Gilson

Terri Elton and Dee Stokes welcome Calla Gilson.

4.43: How to Get Started in the Mixed Ecology in a Local Church with Roz Picardo

Terri Elton and Dee Stokes welcome Dr. Rosario Picardo.

4.41: The Role of Church Planting in the Mixed Ecology with Wole Agbaje

Terri Elton and Dwight Zscheile welcome minister and leader of IMPRINT Church London, Wole Agbaje.

Oh, the Drama!

The questions that changed our VBS into theater camp

A New Ministry out of the Rubble

Always reforming means always deconstructing

Stewardship In A Box

Impactful. Theologically-Grounded. Stewardship Resources.

A Coaching Course for Clergy?

What is coaching, and how does it help faith leaders?

BE:the Church

You can't be unchurched or overchurched, when YOU'RE the church

Can Christian History Help Us Imagine a Brighter Future?

An oddly optimistic view of the future of the church

The Breaking of Bread: How the Dinner Church Model Integrates Mission with Relational Discipleship

One Fresh Expression of church explores Jesus’ own meal-centered approach to discipleship, mission, and community

The “Validity” of a New Ministry

Needing to prove worth causes tension between planters and institutions

Dear Congregation, We’re Practicing Together

Shifting from passive participation to active engagement

Hurry Up and…Stop

Pausing for Sabbath is a faithful innovation

Three Steps to Leading Faithful Innovation

Listening, acting, and sharing our way to something new

From Performative to Formative Ministry

What would it mean to stop focusing on the institutional church, and instead cultivate discipleship among the whole people of God?

Exploring the Origins & Evolution of Fresh Expressions

Discover the Roots of Fresh Expressions as Michael Moynagh Shares Insights on the rise of UK's Community-Based Churches.