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Learning to Lead: Understanding How Your Leadership Style Can Help (and Hurt)

Some leaders create a culture of entitlement and mistrust. Others abdicate their responsibilities or use fear and manipulation to dominate the people in their faith communities. The best leaders, though, understand that true empowerment is built on liberation. Which one are you? Find out now.

What's Inside:

This e-book includes

  • Key leadership questions for conversation and reflection
  • A better understanding of “have to” follow versus “worth” following
  • The Support-Challenge Matrix ― an infinitely helpful way to calibrate healthy leadership
  • Four leadership styles and the ways three of them fail to serve their teams well
  • …and so much more!

Not every leader deserves to be followed

The obstacles to leading well never seem to go away ― and sometimes their appeal is hard to deny. Power. Privilege. Control. Celebrity status. It’s everything a good leader knows to avoid, but the lines may not always seem clear in the moment.

By time you realize you’d do anything to hold onto your position, the damage has already been done ― to others as well as yourself. This free e-book is a chance to prevent that. Find the right ways to support your people, and learn how to challenge them to be their best. Leadership is about liberation or it’s nothing at all. Are you ready?

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