Gateways to Joy with Angela Gorrell

Embrace God’s Deep Gladness During the Holiday Season



November 2

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Joy can’t be forced into existence through sheer personal effort, regardless of the setting or the season. Instead, how can we open ourselves up to God’s abiding peace and joy - even in the shadows of loss, trauma, or spiritual deprivation?

This live workshop explores the essence of joy and its profound connection to faith and the spiritual walk. You might be craving a more joy-filled life in general; you might be working your way through feelings of anger or grief, or you might be a faith leader committed to meeting the spiritual and emotional needs of your congregation. Whatever your situation, the holidays are a complex and bittersweet time for many, and this workshop can be your gateway to a joy that transcends the ups and downs.

Gain practical tools and strategies to cultivate joy, even in the face of life's most challenging circumstances. Guided by Dr. Angela Gorrell, you'll find a safe space for self-reflection and personal growth.

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Nurture your faith and relationship with God during this deep dive into a faithful understanding and cultivation of joy.
Gateways to Joy Framework

  • Deep insights into the concept of joy and its profound role in personal and spiritual growth.
  • Practical tools and strategies to cultivate joy, even throughout life's toughest challenges, emotions, and losses.
  • A safe space for self-reflection and personal growth, guided by experienced mentors.
  • A supportive community of like-minded individuals and leaders who share your journey towards joy.
  • A deep and fulfilling connection with your faith.
  • A moment of spiritual rest and replenishment to better serve and support others during this holiday season.

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Join for just $65.

Event Details: November 2nd, 2023 from 1:00 - 4:00 p.m. Central

Invaluable Guidance: Dr. Angela Gorrell is a warm and insightful facilitator with a lifetime of experience finding gateways to joy in the midst of trial.

Small Group Connection: Participate in the safety of intentional, guided small groups.

Live Learning: Engage with your fellow participants and workshop facilitator in real time during this 3-hour workshop.

Wisdom and Practical Strategies: Learn to unearth and embrace authentic, grounded Christian joy with a community willing to walk through the shadows together.

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Meet Your Instructor

  • Rev. Dr. Angela Williams Gorrell

    Rev. Dr. Angela Williams Gorrell is the author of Always On: Practicing Faith in a New Media Landscape and The Gravity of Joy: A Story of Being Lost and Found. She speaks and writes about joy, meaning, finding the life worth living, and the intersection of spiritual and mental health. Media sources such as the New York Times, NPR, and Christianity Today have highlighted her research. She has taught at several schools including Yale University, Baylor University, and Fuller and McCormick Seminary. Angela is a consultant and thought leader for numerous organizations. She utilizes her expertise to help create collaborative communities of prevention specifically working to lower suicide and addiction rates. You can find her on Instagram @angelagorrell. Angela and her sister, Stef, co-host The Grief Sisters podcast and The Grief Sisters book club & support group on Facebook.