Building Healthy Communities

Cultivate healthy communities through challenges and conflict, and across multiple dimensions of diversity.

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Listening to Spiritual Lives in Your Ministry Context

Learning more about the stories and struggles of those entrusted to our care

Please, Stop Calling It a Pageant!

Children leading worship helps us understand and experience God's Word in a new way

Dear Sophia: How to survive my family’s holiday gatherings?

When experiences and views of loved ones differ, how can we still enjoy each other's company?

Meeting Neighbors Where They Are

Pastor Carl Johnson on missional church and the mixed ecology

The Need Is So Great, but Small Acts Are Christ Embodied

You can live Jesus’ message of compassion

The Wisdom in Being a Nobody

Among the wreckage of our bruised and battered egos is a haze of grace

4.40: Introducing Dinner Church with JD Larson

Hosts Dr. Dee stokes and Dwight Zscheile welcome church planter of North City Church, JD Larson.

Rural Resilience Requires Community

In the toughest times, we can't go it alone

The Urgency of Loving Others

Why Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s ideas of personhood matter today

Resilience as Imagination

When life knocks us down, imagination can help us get back up.

Get on the Tractor: Church Community Amid the ‘Idle and Disruptive’

How 2 Thessalonians can help us move past complaining.

All The Whosoevers

Are we ready to welcome everyone who enters our churches?

Missional Church: “Where is Our Beach?”

Where is God moving in our neighborhood, and how can we join in God’s work?

Youth Sports Versus Church?

Noticing—and bridging—the gap between sports and faith

Mary of Bethany

Love like Jesus in every moment

Beer Church, Rule Breaking, and Jesus

Disaffiliation and disengagement from church may be the norm, but everyone seems thirsty for connection.

Dear Sophia: What are your best parenting tips for raising compassionate kids?

Common language, starting the way we want to finish, and four mistaken goals.

Loving Curiosity

Uncover why people love what they love