Healing & Care

Explore how you can participate in God’s healing for yourself and others.

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DEAR SOPHIA: Post-Pandemic Disconnect

Feeling disconnected, disoriented, and unmoored from God and community

Filling in the Vowels

Seeking Buechner’s alphabet of grace in Vonnegut’s incomprehensible world

Between Two Gileads

The danger of bumper sticker theology

Coming Back from Burnout?

Seeing our pastors as people with the same need for compassionate care that we have

Burnout Among Church Volunteers

Church membership should not be a source of weariness and burden

Where Can Hope be Found?

The importance of eschatology in Christian community

Letting Go Is Key to Living Well

Managing time and energy

Dear Sophia: What are reasonable goals for my relationship this year?

How to stay connected with your significant other in the new year

How Do We Steward Waiting?

As we wait for God, God waits for us.


God can repurpose our pain to create

Free to Be, Resilient … or Not

God isn’t waiting for us to prove our worth.

Living into the Kingdom of Shalom

Committing to the way of justice and love

How Can You Be Confident that You Are Accepted and Loved by God?

The doctrine of assurance in Luther and Calvin

Shiny, Happy People: Caring for IBLP Survivors

The documentary opened the door for conversation, but the healing will come in waves

Saints and Fireflies

Who are the imperfect, shining people in your life?

Immigration and the Good Life: Where Everyone Has Enough

A good life means a fulfilling life for all people

Memorex ‘90: Normal Bias

You hear both, so that I can too

Dithyramb* for My Club Feet