Work & Vocation

Discover God’s calling for your life and explore what it means to be faithful at work.

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Seeing People through Jesus’ Eyes

Where is God in end of life care?

What Are They Saying (and Not Saying) about Vocation?

Are we “uniquely wired” by God?

Where the Corn Grows Loud

Farming as vocation

Healthy But Not Well

On vocation and what it means to be well

Best Dad Ever

To be the best is not to be perfect

Becoming a Parent Changes Everything, Even My Faith

Feeling God’s hand in each of my vocations.

The Practice of Play

A pathway to living with purpose

Wendy Made it Her Job

How an Oxford educated amateur art historian and religious hermit found herself in the hearts and homes of millions.

Episode 63: Work That Means Something with Drew Tucker

The Faith+Lead February Book Hub welcomes Drew Tucker as he talks about his book, 4D Formation.

Reclaim Worth Beyond Work

Turn a vocational lens on your life

Art and the Day Job

On responsibly sharing our God-given gifts

Abraham’s Obituary

Do our achievements and accomplishments define us?

The Difference Between a Career and a Calling

Vocation connects us to our neighbor and God

Jesus Sees Our Unpaid Labor Too

Domestic, relational labor is faithful

A Life-Giving Meeting

Give yourself permission for play and delight

Staying Grounded in the Storm

Are you ready to develop and build resilience?

Dare to Lead in the Church: Reflections

When life gets complicated, will you Dare to Lead?

The Church Delegation Playbook

How, when, what, and why we delegate.