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DEAR SOPHIA: Post-Pandemic Disconnect

Feeling disconnected, disoriented, and unmoored from God and community

Bible Curious? Bring Your Questions to ‘Enter the Bible’

Bible study leaders or seekers, this is for you!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ChatGPT

Can technologies like ChatGPT be helpful to faith communities?

What Could You Learn from a Digital-First Faith Community?

Can we “gather” asynchronously?

Place and Placelessness in Rural Christian Identity

Can rural churches provide witness for healthy online community?

Digital Jazz: Preaching, Media, and Technology

How Do I Lead a Community Bible Study?

All you need is a good heart and a good outline

The Holy and the Hybrid

Learn why churches need a digital community and how to embrace the online world while still building connections with your congregation.

7 Ways to Share Your Sermon throughout the Week

Learn how to continue sharing your sermon without adding to your overwhelm

Colleen Montgomery: All-Digital Ministry

Colleen Montgomery Leads “All Places Together”

Quick-Start Guide to Hybrid Ministry

Practical advice for moving ministry online.

Video Gaming for Ministry

Four key questions I asked when I started my Twitch-based gaming ministry

One Minute of Grace: Social Media Mini-Messages

Sharing the gospel on TikTok

3.29: Experimenting

Pivot hosts Terri Elton and Alicia Granholm welcome back Assistant Professor of Congregational Mission and Leadership at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota, Michael Binder.

From No Stream to Livestream (On a Budget)

A case study of how one church upgraded their livestream

The Faith+Lead Learning Laboratory

A free platform for ministry

Hybrid Challenge: Vacation Bible School

Holding an online and in-person VBS

Digital Storytelling for Faith Formation

Ways to explore faith together...both on AND offline.

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Coaching and Leading in the Digital Age with Ryan Panzer