Faith Formation

Form deep and lasting Christian faith from childhood through adulthood.

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Faith After Deconstruction

A visual guide

Lanterns on Martinmas: When Traditions Don’t Make Sense

The “why” of every theological point, sacrament, or rhythm doesn’t always have to unfold all the way in the mind

Where the Corn Grows Loud

How We Used Human-Centered Design While Creating Curriculum

Gleaning theological insights from design thinking principles

4.42: Rural Fresh Expressions with Kerri Meyer

Terri Elton and Dwight Zscheile welcome Rev. Kerri Meyer.

Get on the Tractor: Church Community Amid the ‘Idle and Disruptive’

How 2 Thessalonians can help us move past complaining.

Faith in Young Adult Leaders? That Works!

Seeing a young person’s perspective as an asset to ministry.

Animation, Faith, and Action

Going deeper into movies.

What is Spiritual Formation?

Bible Curious? Bring Your Questions to ‘Enter the Bible’

Bible study leaders or seekers, this is for you!

Lutheran Monasticism?

A modern expression of ancient tradition

The Greatest Shot in Television

The curious world we inhabit is more wonderful than convenient

You Can’t Create Curiosity

Why moralistic exhortation won't end in delighted exploration or spiritual revelation

Intergenerational Relationships Breathe Life!

Kids, teenagers, and young adults are often filled with visions and dreams that adults miss

Rediscovering the Grace of Spiritual Direction

Thou doth protest too much?

Becoming a Brave Girl

Giving girls support and space for healthy creative expression

Faithful Practices for Parents in Daily Life

Prioritizing presence over perfection in our walk with God


Leaving room for the mystery of God