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Reflections on the craft of preaching for lay and ordained preachers.

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The Joys and Pitfalls of Being a Lay Preacher

Learning, wondering, and giving the good news

Bishop Curry’s “We Shall Overcome” Sermon

Preaching hope at the Festival of Homiletics

You Can’t Outrun the Relentless Grace of God

The serious theology at the heart of Jonah’s humor.

Life-Giving Sermon Prep

Approaches that benefit you AND your listeners

A Tale of Two Welcomes

Creating belonging when the worship leader is just visiting

Let the Word Speak to You First

Rest in God's word before you decide what you're going to say.

Of Ministry, Titles, and Stewards

Titles and the meaning behind them matter

Disruption and Imagination in God’s Economy

A sermon by Erin Weber-Johnson

Taste and See!

A sermon by Dr. Mark Tranvik