Spiritual Practices

Deepen your faith and connection with God through simple spiritual practices.

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What Do You Need This Advent? 

What will help you engage the season spiritually?

Finding Hope by Listening to Longings and Losses

A spiritual practice of lament

Spiritual Life Listening Tool

Love Memory: a Memoir and a Practice

The practice of holy hush

Animation, Faith, and Action

Going deeper into movies.

A Curious Stance Towards Traditions

Re-considering why the congregation does what we do

Rediscovering the Grace of Spiritual Direction

Thou doth protest too much?

How Does God Speak to You?

The varieties of Holy Spirit experiences

A Life-Giving Meeting

Give yourself permission for play and delight

Art Connects Us with God

John Knife Sterner's artistic process binds others into community.

Stop Trying to Pray: Prayer as Resonance in a Secular Age

In this secular age, it’s hard to view prayer as a point of resonance with God, not as a discipline

Teach Us to Pray

Ignatian prayer as a practice of resonance

Episode 62: Heidi Barr, Sandhya Jha, and Ellie Roscher – A Spiritual Spa

Cultivating hope in our bodies by connecting with the Divine

When Hope and Fear Coexist

Take off the rose-colored glasses for this Bible study

The Promise of Hope

Drawing near to God through spiritual practices

Church Experimentation Starter Kit

When the old ways don't seem to be working, make room for experimentation and adaption.

Staying Grounded in the Storm

Are you ready to develop and build resilience?

Faith & Food

How we eat shows who we are