Faithful Innovation

Learn skills for leading through uncertain times—at home, at work, and in the congregation.

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5.81: Changing Church Culture Through Spiritual Practices

In this episode of the Pivot Podcast, Dr. Jinna Jin shares stories, strategies, and encouragement for overwhelmed pastors.

Which Stories Are We Living In?

Deepening the church's life in the story and Way of Jesus

5.80: The Future is Lay-Led: How Lay Ministry Training is Transforming Churches

In this episode of the Pivot podcast, Rev. Clara King discusses how small, rural churches can empower laypeople, with the church's "edges" driving innovation and collaborative ministry.

5.79: Bonhoeffer’s Secret to Faithful Discipleship with Tripp Fuller

In this episode of the Pivot Podcast, Dwight Zscheile and Katie Langston are joined by Tripp Fuller to discuss the life and theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer and its relevance for church leaders today.

Rural Revival?

One church’s story of risk and renewal

5.78: Church Leadership Q&A: Insights and Strategies for Pastoring Today

Hosts Terri Elton, Alicia Granholm, and Dwight Zscheile join in this Pivot podcast episode to answer our listeners' questions.

5.77: The Displacement of Enchantment

Despite many leaving traditional churches, people remain spiritually curious and committed. Dr. Andy Root joins in this Pivot podcast episode.

5.76: Coaching Training for Church Leaders

Discover the transformative power of coaching for pastors on the latest episode of the Pivot podcast with guest Dawn Alitz.

5.75: How to have Spiritual Conversations with Your Neighbors: Let’s Talk about the Difference Jesus Makes

Discover how to talk about Jesus with neighbors of different beliefs with guests Danielle Cummings and Mike Wu.

Good Courage Farm: Death and Resurrection

Spring soil bears witness to resurrection

5.74: Fresh Expressions: How to Start New Christian Communities

See how the Spirit is inspiring UK lay leaders to create innovative Christian communities in a low-engagement landscape.

5.73: Unity in the Church When it Feels Impossible

Discover ancient practices to find unity in Christ. Watch the latest Pivot podcast for guidance on uniting amidst differences.

5.72: How to Invite Others to Engage in Spiritual Practices

Join Steve Thomason as he shares practical insights for busy individuals and church leaders on the Pivot podcast.

5.71: Renewing a Congregation’s Identity

Explore a local church’s journey in rediscovering and renewing its identity and expanding its capacity to name God’s presence and activity.

Stewarding Creative Gifts

Telling the story of God’s work in the world through media production

5.70: Easter Is Coming: Resurrection Hope for Church Leaders

Discover hope in Jesus' resurrection. Overcome fear and uncertainty with Pastor Nicole Bullock's encouraging words.

5.69: Exploring Pastoral Leadership Models: Mega Church

Gain invaluable insights from Pastor Mark Brandt to empower lay leaders and impact your neighborhood.

5.68: Exploring Pastoral Leadership Models: Collaborative Leadership

Discover sustainable church growth and collaborative leadership with Pastor Stephanie Williams O'Brien.