Storytelling & Evangelism

Tell the story of Jesus in ways your neighbors can understand.

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On Discipleship

Formed by imitating Jesus

What Does the Birth of Jesus Mean to You?

Sharing faith stories is a gift.

How to Listen to Your Neighbor’s Spiritual Stories

The longing for acceptance without the pressure to conform or convert

Teresa of Ávila: an Approachable Saint?

Reading a saint’s writings can help us to see beyond idealization, and appreciate their actual relatability

A Visitor’s Guide to Lutheran-isms 

Insider vocabulary can, if we are not careful, obscure the very gospel we are trying to communicate.

Loving your Neighbor: A Missionary Kid’s Perspective

Maybe life doesn’t have to be extremely different to live out the gospel

Missional Church: “Where is Our Beach?”

Where is God moving in our neighborhood, and how can we join in God’s work?

Animation, Faith, and Action

Going deeper into movies.

When the Good Life Doesn’t Feel So Good

God’s overflowing love gives us hope

Saints and Fireflies

Who are the imperfect, shining people in your life?

Missional Church: Evangelism as gift

Reaching out with the love of God we know in Christ Jesus

Searching for Lydia

Engaging with our spiritually curious neighbors

Three Poems

Finding wonder in the little moments of life

Awareness of the Presence of God

Cancer is not a gift, but the Light is

How Does God Speak to You?

The varieties of Holy Spirit experiences

Stories Too Dangerous for the Movies

Worship tells a story that can cause discomfort

Deep Lessons Learned from Star Trek

A life of forgiveness, repentance, and hope is a recurring theme in Star Trek

Storytelling for Healing

Transform trauma through story